Couedic Madore

Make the most of our expertise to benefit your project

Couédic Madoré, which started out as family-run group, is today the leader in the slaughter and cutting equipment sector, making it a reliable partner over the long-term. The company has developed its expertise over 30 years alongside professionals in the meat industry, in the field, through a pragmatic and collaborative approach.

The key values of this industrial company are based on each part’s involvement in a joint undertaking to ensure concrete results.

By skilfully combining various technical skills, craftsmanship and expertise, Couédic Madoré is able to offer global solution both in France and abroad, in design, manufacturing installation and maintenance.

Last but not least, the cost and productivity analysis associated with this approach leads to outstanding value for money for our customers.

Our strengths:

  • Taking into account specific environments
  • Process solutions adapted to the commercial requirements of each customer
  • Materials designed and manufactured to last in a severe agri-food environment
  • A wide range of equipment to meet all specifications (throughputs, types of animal etc.)
  • R & D team to design & develop your tools of tomorrow
  • An ergonomic and rational design of each workstation in compliance work safety standards
  • All our equipment comply with the European Machine Directive

Couédic Madoré Equipement

Cluster of activity in synergy

Located in Brittany, in the centre of the first breeding and slaughtering French region,

Couédic Madoré Equipement has developed alongside the major professionals of the meat industry.

The company, built on men with recognized know-how, has invested in modern and efficient tools to respond quickly and qualitatively to the demands of its customers.

In order to master the entire project implementation process, Couédic Madoré has made the choice to integrate the necessary business lines to implement the proposed solutions:

  • Sales department
  • Design office and R&D department
  • Methods and purchase department
  • Metalwork
  • Ironwork
  • Metallic framework
  • Mechanical
  • Electricity, automation
  • Tests and quality controls
  • Installation on site
  • After sales service and maintenance

These associated professions, guarantees the most excellent solutions for your project.

Our approach

Your project will be in the hands of experts

For over 30 years, Couédic Madoré has set itself apart in the professional meat industry. Our teams have the ability to listen and interact to come up with the best technical solution (standard and tailor made), according to your budget.

Advice every step of the way

  • The sales department works with you on defining the specifications and dimensioning of the project.
  • The design office optimises the project in terms of productivity, assisting customers in putting their projects into practice.
  • The industrial area with complementarity expertise: method, boiler-making, ironwork, precision mechanics, electricity and electronics
  • The assembly and test area where the project becomes a reality and where technicians and control engineers perform the operational tests.
  • Teams of fitting technicians able to adjust and commission the whole installation. Our main strength is that the teams are well experienced at fitting installations even in the trickiest of situations, particularly to avoid production downtime.


March 1983 : Couédic Madoré Limited is created by 3 partners: Jean Madoré, Bernard Couédic and Robert Le Maux. The company started its activity in Saint-Barnabé, close to Loudéac with a team of 15 persons.

1988 : Couédic Madoré Limited becomes Couédic Madoré Holding and creation of the company Couédic Madoré Equipement which takes over the industrial activity of Couédic Madoré Limited

1997 : To allow the continuation of its development and to rationalize the production flows, Couédic Madoré Equipement moves to its new factory in Plemet

1998 et 1999 : 2 expansions of the workshop part are needed to accommodate new production machines

2005 : Extension of the Design Office and commercial office areas. Creation of a workshop « Hydraulic – Electricity – Automatism »

During all these years, the tools and software are also evolved to allow the company to remain as competitive as possible.

The changes in the management and general management positions of the various departments have been gradual and always with executives present in the long standing company guaranteeing today the durability of the company.

Our customer references

For more than 30 years, Couédic Madoré Equipement has been dealing with celebrated players of food industry to improve, with them, new equipment and tools.

Our long-term relationships with our customers, based on the respect of the commitments, allow us a personalized accompaniment closer to the needs of each one.

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Couédic Madoré, the group

Couédic Madoré has, over the years, built an independent family group that makes it a reliable and sustainable partner.

The development was done in the field of industry by grouping companies with skills and expertise, to meet the needs of agri-food industries, but also, in a hotel group that provides a financial base and diversification.

Industrial companies:

Equipment specialist for catering profession skilled workers, Biralux Distribution offers materials on catalogue or customized material.

Equipment specialist for catering profession skilled workers, Biralux Distribution offers materials on catalogue or customized material.

The company ATeliers de la Queille is specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of stainless steel equipment for food industries. The second activity of the company is the design and production of equipment for lairage, stabling and bundling centres

The company SCAM (Société de Construction et d’Assemblages Métalliques) designs and manufactures metal framework for industrial buildings and farming buildings. It also provides all the locksmithing linked to the buildings: doors and gates, stairs, guardrails …

SCAM also designs and manufactures chains of handling on catalogue or following model. In collaboration with Couédic Madoré Equipement, she has developed a range of chains specially designed for the food industry (Autolub range) that does not require lubrication.

The thermal and surface treatments and the specific rings used, allow Autolub chains to resist wear and oxidation despite aggressive use conditions, during production or cleaning phases.

  • CMN :

CMN (les Constructions Métalliques Niortaises) is a production unit specialized in the manufacture of WRP (Welded Reconstituted Profiles). The commercial activity is ensured by the SCAM.